Friday, February 28, 2014

Waterford Press Pocket Guide a Big Hit with Discover Birds Students!

A big THANK YOU  to Waterford Press, Inc. for their generous gift of 25 plastic-coated Tennessee Birds Naturalist Guides for use in the KTOS Discover Birds Program!
The bird guide provides a pictorial description of 145 species of birds commonly found in Tennessee, grouping them according to similarity, and including the bird's scientific name and size.  The pocket-size guide folds out to twelve pages and is a perfect identification tool for our students to carry with them on our Discover Birds bird walks.

As our students spot birds on our bird walks, they sometimes have a chance to see the birds close up through a birding telescope.  After they've seen the bird or even when the bird flies before they have a chance to get a good look, they are able to find the bird in their pocket field guide and remember its colors and where they saw it.
It is a real treat to see the students locating birds in the guide and helping each other locate the bird.  They also recognize birds they have seen in their own yards.  
The Discover Birds Program volunteers hand out the bird guides to students at the beginning of the birdwalk and collect them at the end for use with the next student group. "We are never upset when we come up short," says KTOS President, Billie Cantwell. "It means someone is HOOKED on birds!"

Our special thanks, again, to Waterford Press for this generous contribution to the Discover Birds Program! Visit the Waterford Press website to learn more about their Naturalist Pocket Guides

Waterford Press Pocket Guides--Tennessee Birds
Discover Birds Program
Discover Birds Activity Book
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