Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Discover Birds Visits Lakeway Heritage Community Cooperative Students!

On April 22nd, Discover Birds Volunteers visited Lakeway Heritage Community Co-op  students in Jefferson City for a fun day of learning about birds.
Students met at the Jefferson City Library for an introductory slide show about birds and a show-and-tell session with bird-related items.  Bird feathers, eggs, nests and skeletons were available for close examination and discussion of the unique characteristics of birds.    
Volunteer Tom Howe reports, "After a good indoor session with lots of student interaction, forty parent and teacher participants went on a short walk at Mossy Creek Wildlife Viewing Area. Most of our birding was along the trail leading to a double-decker overlook of the marsh. The children were quite enthusiastic and were well prepared. Even a teacher was pleasantly surprised how well they recalled what they had been taught in class. Twenty bird species were identified and students got good looks at a Mallard, Black Vultures, a Red-tailed Hawk, Tree Swallows, Northern Cardinals, Red-winged Blackbirds and American Goldfinches.   A few got to see a Redwing through the scope, but they were using the binoculars so well, they mostly just launched out on their own."
All the students received a Discover Birds Activity Book, complements of the Knoxville Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society.  A big thank you to Discover Birds volunteers Tom Howe, Tony King, Suzie Kaplar and Doug Schneeberger!

Images in this post were contributed by co-op teachers.

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