Monday, September 1, 2014

Discover Birds Featured at the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge

Discover Birds Activity Books are available in the brand new visitor's center at the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge in northwest Tennessee!
Photo credit:  Cyndi Routledge

Cynthia Routledge, who coordinates the distribution of the Discover Birds Activity Books for the Tennessee Ornithological Society (TOS), is affiliated with the Friends Group at the refuge and acquainted with Ranger Joan Stevens.  "I knew that Joan hosted many field trips through the year with many local schools kids in Henry, Benton and Humphrey Counties.  ...I saw this as a wonderful outreach opportunity and donated 205 books to the Friends Group for use in the bookstore."
Above and below, teachers try out binoculars and learn the best way to locate a bird or other wildlife.  Joan, the refuge's Educational Specialist, conducted teacher workshops on July 21st and 22nd at the refuge's new visitor's center near Britton Ford and Paris, TN.  
The workshops were held to introduce area teachers to the new facility, the programs offered at the refuge and the educational opportunities for student field trips during the school year.  Each teacher received a Discover Birds Activity book and a copy of the new curriculum guide, compliments of the Nashville Chapter of the TOS.  
Ranger Joan Stevens describes a bird field guide and how it is used in the field.

The teachers in the workshop try out a "bird beaks" activity that demonstrates how varied beak shapes help birds eat their preferred foods.

Thank you to Joan Stevens for providing the teacher workshop images!

TOS member Cyndi Routledge, of Clarksville, coordinates the free distribution of the Discover Birds Activity Books. The only requirement is that the books be used as part of an educational program that includes a bird walk experience introducing children to the birds around them.  Educational programs are also asked to provide a brief description of their activities and photographs that can be shared with others on the Discover Birds Blog.

To make a request for activity books for your classroom or program, contact Cyndi Routledge at

To download and print a copy of the activity book, visit:  The Tennessee Ornithological Society--Educational Resources page.

Discover Birds Activity Book
Discover Birds Curriculum Guide
Discover Birds Program
Nashville Chapter, TOS
Tennessee Ornithological Society
Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge

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