Thursday, November 28, 2013

Discover Birds Activity Book Now Available Online

The Discover Birds Activity Book is now available as a free download on a new page featured on the Tennessee Ornithological Society’s (TOS) website.  A new "education" link in the sidebar of the home page takes you to the educational resources page that gives information about the Discover Birds Program and makes the entire activity book available to download or print.

With this free online availability, we hope to encourage more children to get out doors and discover birds!

The links provided enable the printing of the entire book or the selection of individual activities and topics in the individual pages section.  The individual page listing provides the opportunity to select the activity that best suits age level and educational needs.
The activity book is also available on the Tennessee 
Watchable Wildlife Website.  Special appreciation goes to Scott Somershoe for giving the book this additional availability.  Additionally, NIMBioS (National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis) has published two of the book's activities on their website as educational modules.  We thank Kelly Sturner, NIMBioS Education and Outreach Coordinator, and Chris Welsh, NIMBioS Deputy Director, for giving the book this worldwide visibility to science and math communities.

Printed books are available by contacting Cyndi Routledge at

Individuals interested in more information about the Discover Birds Program, arranging school or group visits in your area, or volunteering with the program should contact Billie Cantwell at

Watch for our Discover Birds article in the upcoming Jan/Feb 2014 issue of the Tennessee Conservationist Magazine.  The article features TOS, the Discover Birds Activity Book and the Discover Birds Program!

Links and Resources:
Tennessee Ornithological Society Educational Resources
NIMBioS Discover Birds Educational Module
Tennessee Watchable Wildlife Educational Tools

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