Friday, November 8, 2013

Sevierville Primary Students Say "Thank you!"

Everyone enjoys getting mail and the Discover Birds volunteers are no exception!  Sara Green of Sevierville Primary School and her fellow teachers sent us some heart warming thank you notes and books made by students soon after our visit with them last spring.  I have posted some of the art work and letters here for you to enjoy with us!
Volunteer, Oliver Lang, was a big hit with Mrs Porter's second grade class! He received an entire book of class letters from the students, thanking him for helping them see birds and for the stories he told them about birds.  
Oliver Lang, above, helping a student look at a bird through a birding telescope.

Sara Green also sent exciting feedback to us about our Discover Birds Program and the Discover Birds Activity Book:

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Our students and teachers can talk about nothing else! What an inspiration you all were to us to be more aware and careful about our bird population.   You have left a lasting impression on our students as well as our teachers.  We all learned so much and will continue to learn from the beautiful materials that you so graciously left with us.  Vickie, I did not realize until after you left that your book was so incredible!  What amazing illustrations!  Some of our students that may not be the star students in math and reading have found an outlet for their artistic talent and now want to make their own books!  Thank you so much.  Everyone that you brought with you educated us and shared with all of us their passion for birds and wildlife. We will never be the same."   Sarah Green
Photo credit Sara Green.  Mrs Green's students create their own bird books.

 Photo credit:  Sarah Green

 Photo credit Sarah Green

For more information about the Discover Birds Program contact Billie Cantwell at:

Links and resources:

Our Discover Birds program visit to Sevierville Primary School
Sevierville Primary School
Knoxville Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society
Tennessee Ornithological Society
Tennessee Birds
Birds at Tennessee Watchable Wildlife 
To find out more about birds and hear their songs visit Cornell's All About Birds and type in the name of the bird.

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  1. Wonderful post about the excitement of Sevier County school children when they took part in a "Discover Birds" field trip with volunteers from the Knoxville chapter of the TN Ornithological Society. Thanks!


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